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Get Relief With Chiropractic Treatment in Visalia, CA

At Community Chiropractic, we offer a drugless and noninvasive spinal treatment for neck, back, sacroiliac, and other muscle and joint problems. At our holistic practice, by some people called chiropractic medicine, we don't only examine a patient's spine and other joints, but we help evaluate their nutritional health, fitness, and other aspects of their lifestyle that contribute to dis-ease in their bodies.

When our doctors treat you, they address the cause of your spine issues, not just the symptoms. They correct your spine and sacroiliac problems with specific chiropractic manipulation, also known as adjustments. They also treat with adjunctive muscle work and exercise in order to improve and maintain your health. We provide you with a doctor who examines and advises you on lifestyle factors that may affect your back, neck, sacroiliac, hip problems, and general health and vitality. Adjusting your diet, posture, and physical activities with guidance from our professionals help to:

  • Hasten Recovery

  • Minimize Recurrence.

  • Improve Quality of Life, general well being and vitality.

Our chiropractors provide back and neck treatments in Visalia, CA, by carefully considering the unique needs of each patient. They are committed to discovering what will bring noticeable results that enhance your long-term health. Their experience also allows us to treat a wide variety of patients, including:

  • Infants

  • Toddlers

  • Children

  • Teenagers

  • Adults

  • Seniors

  • Working Persons

  • Pregnant and Nursing Women

  • Athletes

Take Advantage of our Experience

When your health and comfort are on the line, you deserve the best possible evaluation and treatment. You can depend upon our chiropractic doctors to help you find relief.
In addition to providing gentle spinal decompression type chiropractic treatment for work and sports injuries, auto accident injuries, whiplash, traumatic injuries, repetitive strain injuries, and chronic pain, our chiropractic doctors can assist you with problems like:
Neck Pain | Back Pain | Low Back Pain |Arm Pain|Leg Pain | Knee Pain | Sacroiliac Pain | Sacrum Pain| Headaches Muscle Pain| Muscle Stiffness| Muscle Tension | Numbness in the Arms, Legs, Hands, and Feet | Sprains, and Strains | Sacral Occipital Problems | Extremity Problems | Disc Problems (including Herniated Discs)| TMJ | Osteoarthritis | Fibromyalgia | Sciatica.

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