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Community Chiropractic Group

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A Well-Rounded Approach

At Community Chiropractic, we offer a drugless and noninvasive care for muscle and joint conditions. At our holistic practice we don't only examine a patient's spine and other joints, but we help evaluate their nutritional health, fitness, and other aspects of their lifestyle that contribute to dis-ease in their bodies.

When our doctors treat you, they address the cause at spinal root, not just the symptoms. They correct your spine and extremities with specific chiropractic manipulations, also known as adjustments.

They also treat with adjunctive muscle work, mobility and muscle activation in order to improve and maintain your muscle and joint health.

Our doctors stay current with "bio-hacking" lifestyle factors that may affect your back, neck, sacroiliac, hip problems, and general health and vitality. Tweaking your nutrition, sleep and physical activities with guidance from our professionals help to:

  • Speed Recovery

  • Minimize Recurrence

  • Improve Quality of Life, general well being and vitality

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We See It All: A Family Practice

Our chiropractors are committed to discovering what will bring noticeable results that enhance your long-term health. Their experience and additional training also allows us to treat a wide variety of patients, including:

  • Infants

  • Toddlers

  • Children

  • Teenagers

  • Adults

  • Seniors

  • Working Persons

  • Pregnant and Nursing Women

  • Athletes (Elite, Professional, College, Students, Sports Physicals)

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Chiropractic Care Is Accessible

With In-Network Providers

Our office is a preferred provider for many insurance plans, including Medicare. We can help you determine your coverage and assist you with low-cost fee plans if needed.

Contact us today to make an appointment and learn more about the treatments that work for you. We proudly serve Visalia, CA, and the surrounding areas.

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Auxiliary Services

For your convenience, imaging services are available next door at Visalia Imaging. We provide referrals for x-rays. In addition, we have Physical Medicine Modalities and cutting edge Wellness Modalities at our clinic.

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Insurance Information and Payment Options

We are preferred providers for many insurance plans. We are "In Network" with:




Blue Cross

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Shield

Boon Chapman





Key Medical


Medicare Supplemental plans


Veteran Affairs/TriWest (requires a referral letter to book)

Personal Injury (PI) Attorney

Our Pay-In-Full Appointments Fees are:

Initial Exam & Treatment: $140

Follow-Up Treatment: $70

Sports & Rehab Wellness Follow Up: $90

Sports Physicals for School Participation: $35

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