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We’re a chiropractic practice that focuses on movement and physical recovery strategies to improve human performance & health.

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Recovery: Welcome

We strive to bring you the latest in biohacking for your health. We find these compliment our chiropractic services very well. Most of these services will not be covered by insurance as they are wellness services.

We have had the opportunity to work with athletes who are at the top of their sport- Olympic, professional, elite over the past years.

We know what it takes to perform at a high level of sport and we want to bring those services to you.
Be sure to let us know your goals and we can discuss a recovery plan that would fit into your goals and training schedule.

Compression (25min) 

Lymphatic movement is very important for detoxing your entire body. Think of the lymphatic system as the garbage shoot, escorting all the waste through the body and to the exits! The more efficiently this is accomplished the better your overall healing & bodily function.

Muscle Stimulation (25min)
Muscle tension can be a big source of pain and associated with spinal alignment. Addressing this tension can compliment your adjustment and provider longer term relief of pain. In this therapy we apply electrical stimulation to an area of tension for therapeutic relief. Ask us if this would be a good option for you!

Access is by 25 minute (one service) and 50 minute (two services) time increments. Since these services are not covered by insurance we have a very affordable flat rate. Call us to schedule your time slot and service!

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