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Webster Technique

Pregnancy Chiropractic

This technique is performed on pregnant women for the purpose of balancing the pelvic joints and optimizing the pelvic space available to the baby and providing comfort for mom. We work on each individual to support their body for the best health for mom and baby. Care begins as early as first trimester and is recommended any time during pregnancy until labor.

Post partum care is recommended as well to maintain pelvic alignment and address any discomforts after birth. If you are walking around after birth you are able to come in for postpartum care.


Spinal & Extremity Adjustments

Adult and Pediatric Chiropractic

Pediatric chiropractic care may seem surprising to some but there is a very valid reason babies need to be cared for- their spines and bodies are learning to adapt and grow and chiropractic can help with that! It can also help with a multitude of issues that might arise: tension from oral restrictions such as tongue and lip ties, gas, colic, reflux and head turning restrictions, head shape concerns, movement concerns and many additional concerns that can be discussed in our session.
Joint alignment is important for movement, it is a big focus for those who are looking to be mobile for a long time. Adjustments are a important for adults who are chronically in poor ergonomic or postural positions.


Postpartum Recovery Care

Chiropractic, Bodywork, Bellybinding

The postpartum period begins directly after birth. During this time it is important for mom and baby to bond and for mom to heal and recover from birth no matter what type of birth she experienced. Our current society puts very little emphasis on postpartum care but I am very passionate about this time and opportunity for healing for mom and baby. I have done extension reading and courses to provide care to postpartum mothers and newborns.
Within the first month of postpartum I encourage a postpartum recovery session. The session I provide includes a review and assessment of mom, her birth details, how she's feeling and how baby is doing. We implement bodywork, mom and baby adjustments and belly binding for recovery of the core and support. We also discuss recovery care nutrition and movements for the next days/weeks to come that she can do at home. Ideally this session is done at home for family convenience. If you prefer to do this session in office please let me know in advance

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Wellness & Sports Therapy

Mobility, Myofascial Care, Chiropractic

I started my personal chiropractic care as a wellness patient. It's wild how much room for improvement you have in your own health when you start taking care of yourself regularly. Chiropractic care is beneficial for the nervous system at any and all stages of life. We are beings that adapt and react to our environments and the way we instinctively know how to do this is because we have sophisticated nervous systems! Q: How does our body know how to create an infant? A: Our nervous system. Q: How does our body know to use our food as building blocks for organs, muscles, tissue etc? A: Our nervous system. Q: How does our body know we are hot, cold, wet from the rain, dry in the heat? A: Our nervous system! Chiropractors evaluate and care for the nervous system!

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Learn More - Ciara: Services
Learn More - Ciara: Services


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